A simple guide to the successful eCommerce Mobile App development in the Year 2020

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A simple guide to the successful eCommerce Mobile App development in the Year 2020

Easy Registration

In today’s modern era, customers prefer online shopping at the highest percentage. They visit your e-store to make a wide range of purchases that earn potential returns and conversions for your e-commerce business. They look for flexible functionalities, easy payment options and simple navigation, fast & quick delivery of the product, and rich user experience. The very first time if they are purchasing from your e-store they look for flexible registration or login process. If the login process happens with just a single tap of their smartphone and most convincing way to the buyers kindle maximum amount of users to your e-store.

Multi-Payment Options

Enabling your e-store with multiple payment options in your shopping cart payment processing is highly essential to grab in more potential users as they get access to the feasible mode of payment options. Payment methods like a credit card, debit card, payment wallet and cash on delivery will provide the image to users that your e-store mobile app holds up various functionalities and flexible payment integration.

Ninos IT Solution boasts a skilled and experts team of E-commerce Mobile App experts to customize and conceptualize your idea into feature-rich and high functional e-commerce Mobile App according to your client’s requirement.

Push Notification

This is the next significant feature that you must look on to drive sales to your e-store via eCommerce mobile app. Push notification can be used to signal offers, discounts, new arrivals based on the search history of the product and product preference. This will encourage users who have visited and not purchased anything from the e-store ensuring the revisiting and high sales happen for sure. Encourages both existing and new buyers to your e-store. When a buyer travels to your e-commerce mobile website via a mobile device and smartphone gadget then the push notification better approaches to revitalizing the online shoppers to maximum range.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration within your e-commerce Mobile app would ensure easy and neat registration or login process instead of registering through the direct sign-up process. It also keeps the target customers engaged with your e-store and be the best marketing tool to inform the new customer base about the shopping experience had by our existing customers. Our experienced and efficient team of e-commerce mobile app developers in Chennai are highly proficient in delivering a mobile application for your business.

QR Search

In today’s scenario, the QR search has become the most commonly used product search to identify the right product using QR search code ID. The buyers search through QR code ID. Searching products using QR code is the new trend of product search, and you need to place a proper QR code search that helps the customers to find the right product using QR search ID. We are the leading E-commerce Website Development Company in Chennai and experts in creating feature-rich E-commerce Mobile app for your requirements.

The real reason to go for E-commerce Mobile App is that a recent statistical analysis tells that 25% of E-commerce expenditure is laid on the mobile device.

User-Generated Review

If you can have satisfied the customer's needs and attain the reach that you have decided to be transparent to your buyers. The user-generated review will highly endorse the quality of the product and earn good conduct for your e-commerce business and establish your e-store mobile app with exact features and functionalities as per the customer’s perspective.

Wishlist Button

Wishlist buttons are value-added features for an eCommerce store that helps a customer to buy their desired product to their convenient time, either if the customer is unable to afford the product at that moment or the expected product is out of stock, then they can opt for wishlist option that enables timely purchase for the customers.

We are end-to-end eCommerce Mobile App Service Provider in Chennai, India, who integrates your required functionalities to engage customers.

Simple Checkout

As the simple login and registration process, the checkout process also needs to be easy for the customers as there are higher chances for them to abandon the entire shopping process in between. Make sure the payment processing happens at a faster rate with quick loading and simple steps of all these processes will yield more users to e-commerce mobile app or e-commerce websites.

Seamless Product Navigation

Product navigation should be perfect to give a feeling of ease to your customers seamlessly traverse through the mobile app screen and viewing of the product's needs should be clear and uninterrupted. Make them retain as long as possible with your e-store and make a valuable purchase. They must default get your es-tore name in hir mind every time they wish to shop online. So, seamless product navigation is the simplest and efficient way to keep your online buyers always engaged and purchase form your e-store.

Live Chat

Live Chat is another interesting feature that brings in confidence amongst your customers and that completely intends to deliver a quality product to the customers. Every time your customer feel contended that their queries will be resolved faster and efficiently. With the trending AI technology, the live chat can be advanced to reliable chatbots that will rectify customer queries virtually without the need of a live chat support team or agent.

Order Tracking

The customers have all the rights to know about their product and track one of the technology-oriented facilities that keep your customers 24/7 track order from the e-store with the exact locality. We provide the best E-commerce Mobile App services that we provide in Chennai and best acquire complete details on the product’s logistics process.


The personalization feature of the product provides the user to access information according to the previous instore purchase or visit history. It’s one of the analytics tool integrated with eCommerce mobile app would analyze the entire set of products purchased by the customer visit with the e-store.

Auto Tax Calculator

A dedicated auto tax calculator feature allows your customer to place an order that involves the calculation of tax that includes the total price of the product to be purchased by them. Actually this feature starts to work once the customer places the order.

Price Comparison

The price comparison feature provides the customers' way to the comparison of the price of two similar products and knows the best sellers of the product. Such that assisting the customer to come up with the most affordable product and purchase from the right buyers. We have our best team of e-commerce website developers to provide the right solutions for your requirements and transforming your needs into realistic outcomes.

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Reporting and Analytics

This is an enlarged feature that is highly detailed that holds several sub-features that track every action of the e-commerce sale and show a detailed report comprising significant data such as transaction, an order placed, vendor, stock details and customer details.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage features provide access to the entire database and stores easily every information into cloud storage platform and information regarding customers, customer purchase history, product information and vendor details in an organized manner and accessed securely whenever required so.

CRM Integration

CRM Integration features allow e-store owners to extend sales and purchase to send timely mail and SMS notification to regular customers and one-time purchase customers regarding product updates, offers and discounts that can push them to make a potential buyer from your e-store thereby accelerating the purchase & traffic rate.

We are a reliable e-commerce website development solution provider in Chennai offering global customers with our valuable e-commerce website design and development solutions. We work on enriching your e-commerce website continuously such that transforming your e-store into a futuristic online platform.

Emerging Technology Trends that Disrupts eCommerce Mobile App in 2020

Voice-based search:

Voice-based search has become the most common trend when it comes to e-commerce mobile app trends. Many of the e-commerce app in the play store providing the best online platform with voice-based search functionality. The voice-based search may no be effective right now and in the future, it will be the most anticipated feature by the buyers. This feature ultimately helps the buyer to improve the time they spend on purchasing as they can find the right product from the array of products through a voice search.

Image-based Search

Image-based search is the emerging trend that rectifies any miscommunications that happened in the voice-based search or wrong keyword usage in the case of a normal keyword type of search. Google lens, one of the products of Google has already started to linking images of the products thus embracing real-time e-commerce sales with disruptive growth to reach out to the audience globally. For enabling this image-based search feature within your e-commerce store then choosing the right technology partner would be the best choice to help your e-store integration and search by capturing the image using Google Lens. We have our expert E-commerce Mobile App developers to help you with the tailored made e-store mobile app services in Chennai, India customized to your requirement and solution that meets your ideas thus your mobile app stays updated with the on-going trends of the industry.

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT technology helps you to stay 24/7 connected with the buyers. IoT is also a collective technology that not only helps the customer with personalized service to provide the buyers with the appropriate suggestions of the most accurate product to be purchased based on the collected data of the buyer traversing history with the e-store. On the other hand, it also helps the vendors of the e-store enduring trustworthiness, reputation and brand loyalty as they intermittently make their e-store full-time accessible by the shoppers. IoT offers both customers and vendors (or) e-commerce players a win-win situation.

AI-Power Bots:

AI-Power bots playing a vital role in understanding buyer's on-going needs and resolve their real-time queries. A personalized experience is what every customer’s aim at and AI-power bots will make this ideology into workable ones. Today’s e-commerce visitors are looking out this technology and our experts' e-commerce website developers meticulously analyzed what it best suits your industry purpose and come up with the right solutions.

Recommendation Engine:

This is again another new e-commerce technology trend and another feasible way of AI implementation into eCommerce where they completely analyze the behavior of e-shopping to suggest them with a preferred product that meets their preferences.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) is a new revolution to the e-commerce industry that avoids any calculative risks in choosing the right products. This technology helping online shoppers to demonstrate before making the actual purchase. For example in the case of choosing the right makeup brand, the relevant cosmetic selling e-store provides a way for the shopper to stumble upon the right brand suitable to the skin type. In case of ordering a sofa set without giving the exact dimension of placement of sofa with AR technology all you need to do is to select the place where you want to fix the sofa as well from the eCommerce store. We provide awesome both in-store and e-store experiences to your customers by implementing AR as the cutting-edge eCommerce app development services in Chennai, India.

Micro UX

Micro UX has emerged as a promising trend for the year 2020. MicroUX comprises three main categories such as micrographics, microcopies, micro-interactions that are used to highlight aspects such as images, text and visual effects in an impressively and intuitively such that the customers onboard off the internet connectivity.

What are all factors led to the successful development of the eCommerce Mobile App?

Market Research

Market research is the vital factor to determine whether you really need a mobile app for your e-commerce website or not to accelerate your e-commerce business. While doing market research there are other several factors that must be taken into consideration as the nature of the industry, market pressure and customer demands decide the need for a mobile app. If your customers need an uninterrupted product tracking facility wherever and whenever they are i.e independent of the mobility concern. Then your e-store should have a mobile app that influences certain criteria.

Analyzing Target Customers

The next step to conclude whether you need an e-commerce mobile app for your e-store is to analyze the target customers in such a way to create awesome and better experiences for your end-consumers. For example, the apparel business needs to finalize with your customer base i.e. knowing their accurate demographics to market your e-store and product better to the users.

Finalizing the Right platform

Choosing the right platform is a highly crucial one; especially for the eCommerce mobile app. The platform choice depends on the scale of your business and popularity. If your a startup or established organization, then we have our experts’ android and iOS mobile app developers to choose the right platform to develop high quality and powerful mobile app to introduce and extend your reach to the huge smartphone device users. If It is not a concern to go for multi-platform mobile app development, then we have talented Android App Developers and iOS App Developers in our team who help you to give the best omnichannel approach to your e-store connecting various medium being integrated such as mobile, desktop, social media from any channels a customer land up and potentially make purchases.

Look and Feel

Design and navigability are the two main elements for any kind of mobile app of any industry. Moreover, these factors are to be prominently looked for the eCommerce mobile app as it drives the buyer inside and makes them onboard till the checkout and transaction section. Most sensitive to keep the design color, effects, and transitions to increase the visitor’s engaging rate for your e-store mobile app.

We at Ninos IT solution delivers innovative and eye-catching Mobile App designs in Chennai, India that enhances your visitor’s engaging rate.

Competitor Analysis

Evaluating competitors is an equally important factor to discover the importance of having an e-commerce mobile app against your e-commerce website. Doing a perfect competitor analysis helps you to learn from your rivals. Accordingly, enhance your e-store for the better. We boast a team of an ardent and passionate team to help you with the e-commerce mobile app development service in Chennai, India to outperform your competitors.

We are a highly experienced team of over a decade of providing customized, intuitive and cutting edge e-commerce solutions as per the client’s dedicated requirement that elevates your brand trustworthiness amongst your customers and improves users' engagement.


Undeniably, smartphone usage has continuously been in peak and constant surge in the percentile of users purchasing the latest mobile gadgets. The recent study shows 79% of the global population make online purchase every six months meaning that there is fantabulous growth in the mobile app usage amongst the users and the blog post is a simplistic guide to everything about e-commerce mobile app development and why should a business needs to transform from a simple mobile e-commerce website to e-commerce mobile app.

How Mobile App Improves Ecommerce Sales?

It offers in-depth analytics

Mobile App provides a way to analyze the purchase behavior in-depth and buying decisions of each and every customer. These garnered data are useful for the eCommerce players to generate a highly descriptive report estimating what’s your customers are interested in and which are the products that are the best selling products.

It offers high-end features

Complete Personalization is what a customer’s looking for within the eCommerce mobile app and moreover a step further they are now looking for hyper- individualization with effect to the advancing technology trends. By doing so it ensures better interactiveness and makes every customer’s visit a valuable one. Certain valuable and significant features of the eCommerce mobile app can keep your users always engaged and also would precipitate the rate of new visitors visiting your e-store. Potential and retaining customers are what every e-commerce players would look for to their formed e-store. Being the best eCommerce mobile app development company in Chennai we have a strong expert and experienced team to deliver quality mobile app solutions for your online store in a cost-efficient manner.

Enhancing security

When it comes to handling customer’s data like when they are transferring money they need a way to save credit or debit card information and the money transaction happens without giving a room for any data breaches or insensitive to the data being transferred. Being an expert in providing E-commerce website designing and development solutions our experienced team will deploy a powerful e-commerce mobile app that comes with multi-layer security that shields your customer’s personal information and hence makes them feel shopping online from your e-store is the trustworthy and reliable one.

Reduced Cart Abandoning

E-commerce mobile App against your eCommerce website can highly minimize the cart abandonment rate. It is found that cart abandoning rat for an e-commerce website is 68% while the same for e-commerce mobile app drops down to 28%. We have our expert team of developers who are highly trained and experienced in handling highly challenging e-commerce mobile app solutions for any industries and resolving they are every business pain point in the form of an all-in-one mobile app solutions. Based on the requirements of the client, our experts provide an immersive eCommerce mobile app solution consisting of all the functionalities that aptly meeting our client’s requirements. Our experts are well-versed in abreast of the latest technologies and always prompt in implementing those trends in your e-commerce mobile app. Overall we aim to provide futuristic solutions for your profitable business run.

Customer Retention

When it comes to retaining customers, the mobile app has been a successful platform for the eCommerce industry. So it is evident that eCommerce mobile app can rope in 10x times customers to your e-commerce business facet with this mobile revolution era.


Mobile Apps integrating with the AR, AI and IoT technologies would be the upcoming trends in the eCommerce mobile app industry and are you ready to embrace these technologies within your retail. We are helping our clients to help you earn loyal buyers with our industrious solutions. Our e-commerce mobile app developers have great exposure to deploying several eCommerce and challenging e-commerce solutions to deliver profitable solutions by redefining your requirements and solves your business pain points and be a futuristic solution.


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