Amazing facts that define the necessity of Mobile application for a Business

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Amazing facts that define the necessity of Mobile application for a Business

The booming smartphone and mobile application have taken its wing across the world and seen its enormous growth in the recent years. Android and iOS Mobile Application development both are aces in the mobile application era. Each and every day you can find billions of app being stored in both play store and app store. Moreover, they both are the best competing platforms for the developers to create some exciting apps and launch in the Application store. This tremendous growth in the mobile application attracted businesses to represent their enterprise and their ventures with the best mobile application. Mobile Application Development is a very vast field to help increase the customer base for your business. There are many interesting & amazing facts can be overlooked, which all gives the reason for the business to make their own application for the business.

Here you can get through some of the interesting facts about the mobile application.

1. In the next years, the tablet sales are expected to match with the computer sales

With the evolution of Mobile Application, the use of smartphones and mobile device is taking its precedence over desktop & computer use, tablets sales had increased in a vast percentage than the computers which is ever going to increase in the upcoming years.

2. Mobile apps are highly preferred for its convenience, easy use, mobility.

A common assumption is that Mobile Application is less used than the websites. But it is only a myth, where most of the users spent their time on the Mobile Application. So, a mobile application development is a key feature for the business from various Industries and sectors to make a new venture or dimensions in the mobile application era.

3. Mobile Application can be developed on multiple platforms

Mobile Application can be built on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, cross platforms, windows mobile application and more. So, a mobile application developer has got plenty of platforms to specialize with one and become a professional mobile application developer in their preferred platform either iOS or Android.

4. Mobile Application Developers are fascinated on iOS and Android Platforms.

Since 80% of the mobile application stored in the app store are mostly on iOS and Android platforms, Developers those make their app development only on one platform generally have half the revenue of those that do.

5. Unbelievable iOS is the Mobile platform that every developer use first:

40% of the developers choose iOS as their mobile application platform and 30% of the developers choose Android.

6. iOS superior competitor to Android:

It is a well-revealed thing that iOS and Android is the best competitor to each other. Android phones are used widely by the users and iPhones are highly preferred by the industries like healthcare, enterprise, retail, gaming, entertainment and more.

7. Android is the most bought mobile operating system in the world.

For cost-effective and user-friendly characteristic attracts many users across the world. No doubt Android is the user first choice when it comes to buying mobile phones.

8. App Advertising generates more revenue for the business.

It is expected that most of the revenue generated for a business is through the Mobile Application. Mobile Application is the best marketing and advertising tool for the businesses. Either advertising with their own app or tie up with the third party,  App can be the best channel for every business to achieve its targets.

9. 70% of Loyal customers are from Mobile Application.

It is a true fact that the millennial customer turnoff from the App due to its poor user experience. An App with engaging user experience had generated 70% of loyal customers.

10. There are about 5 Million Application available to download

There are 2.2, 2, .70 millions of Application are available to download from the Play store, App store and windows application respectively. An App that manages to win the hearts of the customer will stand out among the millions of App of the same niche.

11. Every day thousands of Mobile App is stored in the Application store.

12. It is expected that by 2020 more than 700 Billion Apps will be downloaded across the world.

13. 70% of the Application downloaded are deleted after 72 hours:

It is unavoidable and true fact that a mobile app which is downloaded is soon deleted. It is challenging for the developers to create the application that stays on the user phone long lasting. A good design & high performing app can make this possible. 

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