Dont miss to explore the Android App Development Trends that will Rule In 2019

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Don’t miss to explore the Android App Development Trends that will Rule In 2019

As of today, Android continues to be the most popular Mobile App development platform. It contributes 80% of revenue and shares in the Global Market place and Mobility Market. It is an undeniable fact that those businesses that invest in Mobile App development give precedence to the Android platform and those businesses yet to make its presence in Mobile App market would be inclined towards the Android App development as well. Whether you want to upgrade your running apps or planning to jump on the bandwagon, you must keep updated with the ongoing trends in Android App development that may arise every passing day or habitually. So that your mobile app showcases impressive presence and renders the futuristic solution to the end-users of your App. 

Like every year, 2019 to brings some new exciting trends for Android users as well as for the developers to explore and experiences it. By integrating these trending attributes into the App will make it rich & futuristic and the chances of grabbing the attention of users are increased to the maximum.

This post briefs you the innovative trends of Android App Development in 2019 which is common for both existing and new Android Apps. 

Android Instant Apps will continue to rule

Google came up with the innovative Android Instant App concept in 2017, which is yet to make a storm reach in 2019. But definitely, businesses will be embracing this Instant App concept to give a flexible user experience for the end-users. The reason for Android Instant Apps are becoming popular is the flexible features like hassles of installation, optimal utilization of device memory that if offers for its end-users and Android developers. In 2019, this concept presents the new opportunities for the developers as it empowers easy & faster downloading and can be tried without installing. 

Kotlin will reinvent Android app development

In the earlier years when Koltin came into existence, it was considered as the strong and officially supported language for Android development. Since then, it has given a potential platform for the developers and acclaimed as the robust language by the developer community for its perspective to create intuitive and impressive Android Apps. Now, it’s being used by the developers globally and will continue to enhance in the year 2019.

IoT apps will be more popular than ever

The growing use of the automated device in home and offices is the major reason for the IoT becoming the emerging trend. As these IoT smart devices growing, the number of IoT apps that runs these smart devices will also stupendously increases. The Android development will see a major impact with this IoT development as more and more businesses would take a leap with IoT apps that drive the connected devices of office or home. 

The potential surge of Enterprise Mobile Apps

Another Android development trend that would create a major impact in the year 2019 is the growing popularity of enterprise Mobile App. As the Android platform is becoming popular, the businesses would prefer Enterprise Mobility solution in Android platform and which would be the reason for the major growth of the Enterprise Mobile Apps. Moreover, the enterprise would prefer enterprise mobile apps as a part of their portfolio to monitor its entire inbound and outbound operations.

AR and VR will reform the App scenario

In the past year, AR and VR were popular only for gaming Apps. In 2019, this AR and VR will be further extended and becomes business-centric. These immersive technologies will grow beyond the imagination and grows popular in 2019 and beyond. It will become part of the Enterprise oriented applications and helps the business to train employees to create immersive user experiences for the customers, and more. Specifically, the retail Industry will take a major leap and embrace their entire business operations with the use of this AR and VR technologies.

Cloud-technology integration in Mobile Apps

As the memory and storage become the major impact for the Android users and they want to use it optimally, developers have come up with a solution which is the integration of cloud technology into the App. This technology is definitely going to be the major trend of the future as more and more businesses want secure and need optimal storage capacity in their smartphone as well as Mobile App in order to preserve plenty of imperative Mobile data.

AI will be an Integral part of Android Apps

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) are the technologies that help business to manage the customer behavior by gathering the user flow data, insights about customer behavior, and based on which crating strategies aligning with the latest trends. As both these technologies help business to learn customer behavior and providing an optimal solution for the customer, this AI and ML are surely going to be a significant trend in 2019. Chatbots are really going to take over the customer support handle to the next level in the coming times. Integrating these technologies with Android Apps will help the majority of Android users with the best customer support.

Put Together

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