E-Commerce Mobile Application Trends 2018

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E-Commerce Mobile Application Trends

Ever since the E-commerce and Mobile Application growth has been proliferating year by year. The major use of smartphones have overtaken computers as the leading contributors in e-commerce where 60% of e-commerce lead generation rely on Mobile Apps to generate traffic and leads to the online shopping or e-commerce websites. It is even further expected to increase further in the upcoming years. 


It is also to note that the e-commerce mobile apps will further enhance the mobile application technology and how to reap the exciting opportunity it presents in the e-commerce marketing. 


Well with that e-entrepreneur has to consider venturing into Mobile version of their business through e-commerce Mobile Application development. While to execute this effectively and to get the most out of the Mobile Application there are few trends to consider and incorporate that would drive e-commerce marketing this season and beyond.

  Mobile Application Trends:

 Chat and Shop: Chat and Shop option allows the users to know more about the product they are purchase in beforehand through the chat feature. Before purchasing any product from Online they will consult with their friends and family before proceeding to purchase. Chat feature integrated into the e-commerce apps will help the shoppers with ease of shopping option. This option is better for them to attract new users.

 Virtual Reality E-commerce:

 VR and AR have become the buzzing word and viral that without implementing these trends the Mobile application can be an effective marketing strategy. These features will accentuate the Mobile Apps while it is subjected for marketing or to attract the wider audience to their M-commerce Applications. Virtual Reality(VR) is the technique that allows the users to communicate with app imaginarily ie experience the non-real things to feel happing in real. Augment Reality(AR) delivers the virtual elements as an overlay to the real world. VR E-commerce Apps could be the best platform for the customer engagement. This feature will give the interactive platform for the customers to see the product demonstration, and facilitates easier browsing, faster payment and Checkout.

 Voice Search:

 Voice search will provide the way for the users to search their preferred product through e-commerce apps or e-commerce website. Search is always the perfect option to traverse through the array of products. How good your customer feel when they could search while they are walking or moving around without having to type. Through voice search feature customers can do their search easily by saying the product name to the phone search.

 Mobile Digital Assistance:

 Mobile Digital Assistance (MDA) will reduce the shopping, browsing and payment times. Tools such as M and Magic are going to play vital role in the Mobile e-commerce. With mobile e-commerce apps that online shopping can be the ease than ever before. It is projected that people will shop on their mobile devices using MDA easily.

 Mobile Wallets: 

 Mobile wallet usage is been popular among other trends in the e-commerce apps. As per the study, the e-commerce apps will get popular among the developing countries and among the young population which would be considerably larger in numbers. It would be much preferred by the android operators than any of them.

 Multilingual Shopping:

 While creating e-commerce apps the developers must overlook to add multilingual support features that the people will be communicating with your e-commerce app through their convenient language if your app covers the universal languages. So with these features customers, can provide the inputs in their preferred language.


So, with the above points, it is clear-cut that e-commerce for mobile apps trends will further boost the growth of Mobile Application technology. More and more e-commerce owners would launch Mobile Application for e-commerce in the play store and App Store.

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