Enhancements in Mobile Application Development that you need to Know

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Enhancements in Mobile Application Development

At present era, where everyday new technology enhancements are introduced it is for every business to follow up and make them updated with the on-going scenarios to beat up the higher competition at outside. The recent analytics has shown that most of the small business are already following this trend and adopting mobile application technology and integrating with the business. In fact, day by day smartphone users has become increasing drastically. If you are aware of that, then it's not too late to get your business with highly powerful mobile application development. As hiring these mobile gadgets is less expensive and affordable price tags, people love to explore the latest models and fond of using Mobile Apps directly through their phones. 

If you are planning to start of Mobile Application, some of the enhancement that you’ve to catch up with Mobile Application technology.

Wearable Technology

Wearable device (an electronic device that can be worn on the body as an accessory) which incorporates the wearable technology to interact with users in real time and provide them the solutions based on real-time tracking of activities. These wearable devices act as the activity tracker which is configured by the Internet of things (IoT). The IoT signifies the meaning of the word “things”.  The devices like glass, watch, VR, the lens that can be worn on the body and easily communicate with the Internet and monitors real-time activities like heartbeat and blood pressure counts. These devices will truly offer many benefits to the users. Its highly flexible functionality and technological interface are getting the attention of people. The device is portable and easily be used elsewhere. This wearable device is fast catching up in the market. 

Importance of Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP)

The use of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is that it loads the data quickly on all mobile device for the user request and thus reducing the bounce rate. When the user requesting page is said to load faster, increases visibility and blasting among the flocks. There are several benefits bounced with biggest AMP technique such as higher visibility and higher user flow rate. It helps you gain more visitors flow through the landing page on all mobile device and make the website more responsive with mobile. 

The popularity of Mobile E-commerce

E-commerce Mobile Apps for no reason it plays a vital role in the product-based business. As per the ongoing scenario, the folks are highly attracted towards the Mobile E-commerce. Any offline store not having an online presence even a website of its own, then it is missing out on the opportunities of this gigantic platform. For a product based business, Mobile E-commerce is highly important to show you are actively present. Usually, the business that follows the ongoing technological advancement can make its service reach actively to the users. Nowadays, micro to macro Online store which is having a well-configured e-commerce website, has moved one step up of owning Mobile Application for their business. Effectively, to target the Mobile App and smartphone folks. To be compatible with iOS and Android platforms, it is better to have e-commerce mobile apps on both platforms. 

Higher Needs for On-demand Apps

Real-time and on-boarding requirements are in high demand, a mobile application that resolves and supports the on-demand and real-time data activities like google maps(location finder), nearby location taxi booking, restaurant app, food ordering and delivery, truck service. All these real-time activities require the On-demand mobile application. These apps have made our lives simple and easier. As the folks are flashing out for several onboarding requirements, these on-demand apps are popular right now.

Mobile Application Development with MVP

To make a mobile application in an effective way with right budge, moreover to not fall in traditional way Mobile Viable Product(MVP) is incorporated for the early product release.  MVP inputs only feature that will take the product accomplishment in less time. The app publishing that took 6 months can be reduced to one and a half months with help of MVP.


To walk through your business with the large folks of people who are using smartphones, and get a character, persona, personality for your business, you need a mobile application to represent your product and service. 

Ninos IT solution with a great team of developers working on exploring more kind of Mobile Application falling into diverse types like on-demand, Mobile E-commerce across several Industries.

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