Growth hacking Strategies for Mobile Application Development

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Growth hacking Strategies for Mobile Application Development

Growth Hacking Overview

Well, Growth Hacking is not a frequent word that most of us might know about it. For the business environment, this term might be new. You can probably list out the various definition for Growth hacking. It is actually the different techniques that business owner implements to achieve the growth in a business. Generally, a hacker is always goal oriented and focus on product, concerned on the results than the process to get there. They are focused on grabbing more users to the product and are constantly learning and implementing techniques that effectually accomplish their business goal.

Why Product & Service business requires Growth Hacking technique?

Growth Hacking techniques are implemented to achieve a business goal and improve user engagement with your product & service. A growth hacker’s main skill is required to handle a combination of marketing data and product determined to meet the intended results. 

Importance of Growth Hacking techniques in Mobile Application Development

You can’t deny the fact that App Store has become overcrowded with millions of apps being stored. 

The smartphone users are plenty in growing. About 89% of the population worldwide spent long hours on their smartphone. Strategically, only a few of the apps get attention and being downloaded. To overcome this ineffectiveness, a definite working strategy suitable for your App category is needed. So, implementing of growth hack marketing strategies becomes indispensable for the App owners & App marketers. Whereas, a smart growth hacker can achieve the intact result in a short period of time.

Get through the full post. We have listed some of the growth hacking strategies for increasing mobile application conversion rate. It will help you to some extent but based on your user on-demands and characteristics, you can iterate these strategies that best suits your goal. 

Personalized Onboarding

Personalized onboarding experiences have recorded 78% conversion rate for every Mobile App in the App store. This feature is one tactics to kindle the interest and attention of the user until the desired action is performed. There are many ways to give personalized experience for users from personalized welcome screen to personalized content that traverse them till the last screen and complete the circle of action that you’ve set in your app. 

Push Notification

This is the most significant element that every App owner should be implementing this Push Notification. Among the various App strategies working out well! push notification and app store optimization are hooked in by every app owners for their app featuring and promotion. Studies reveal that 90% of all downloaded apps are used only once and then eventually deleted by users. This push notification frequently signals about new offers, updates to the users that might keep them engaged with your app without being deleted.   

Invest in App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is implemented to attentively increase the App visibility in the App store. Once you have started developing, it is not the last step of the process. Before and after launching, follow these steps to achieve something and constantly reduce the abandon rate of the App. As we discussed in previous articles like The Latest Tips For App Store Optimization, you have to discover the characteristics of current users to attract more customers like them. 

For a perfect ASO, focus on implementing the right Keywords. The strategy is to analyze the most searched keywords and results for it. Once you’ve analyzed the relevant used keywords for discovering your app, add those keywords inside app name, app title, and description. 

Expand your Network

Setup a right landing page for your app thus creating a way for the users to land up at the right place of your app. This way let your user find the path to arrive at your app and then traverse through the complete app flow. But, don’t stop there. Promote your landing page and indirectly your full app, through social media platforms, like Facebook, and on more platforms. Don’t get stopped there itself, participate in discussions related to your domain then increase the acceptance rate of your own app across different sites related to the app categories. This way you build the reputation to your own project.

Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth is a powerful marketing method that acts like a referral marketing that can be a direct marketing like text/messaging, sharing information to friends and acquaintances. It is about increasing the app reputation and visibility by saying a word about the app to your friends or invite to join by sharing the app link through social media. This can be just directly sharing the information through cell phone, text messaging, social networking website.

In-App Referrals

Apps like Uber have leveraged its app download rates by adopting In-App referral strategy. This strategy is intended to attract users towards your app by giving them incentives for referring to more people. Eventually, this type of marketing strategy will create interest among the users as they can be benefited from the features of the app and also earn money by participating in the referral programme. Thus, boosting your app downloads significantly.

Social Logins

Rather than login by creating a new account for the app, social login credentials will respite users from remembering numerous passwords. We all know millions of users are engaged on to various social channels and have social login credentials. When you associate your app with social logins( facebook, google), this will embrace users to log in using social channel credentials to complete the signup & login. So, they will like to use the app without hectic.


Contextual deep-linking directs users to the relevant content of App where the link is pointing out. This type of deep linking enables app marketers to bring in users directly to the specific location within their app. As a result, engagement and download rate is pushed up or improved.  

Cross Promoting Your App

Cross promoting App can ultimately increase download rates. For instance, if you’re connecting with the brands of the same values, service of the same category and associating with them. Now both of are integrated into one platform. It is a win-win situation both for you like, if you promote their product then they will also promote your product. 

Focus On Analytics

As we said earlier growth hacking is a continuous process of trying and testing different strategies. So, always you have to measure your metrics and act accordingly to go on with the growth plan. 

Final thoughts

These Mobile growth hacking strategies will help Mobile App Owners and App Marketers to promote their mobile app. Based on the characteristics of the user and user flow analytics to the app, you can discover new different techniques that will suit your app improvement strategy.  Your final goal must be to achieve customer retention and acquisition of your app. A smart growth mobile marketing hacker will analyze, generate, and implement new techniques for the better user enhancement, improved engagement, increased download rates to the app. 

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