How to Build Mobile App With in a Week or 7 Days

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How to Build Mobile App With in a Week (or) 7 Days

Here it goes, our new venture of newly furnished Product – New & Travel, MLM based Mobile Application. Our great team made it happen within a week. Fascinated to Know how we really achieved this. Read out further. It might be seemingly difficult to make it possible happen. As we say expect the unexpected – We worked with a spirit and accomplished the best outcomes to the exact requirement of the clients right from designing & developing with backend in just Seven days.

This Real Time Mobile Application is completely based on MLM Marketing, News, Travel, Live streaming, Live News update – All put together in a single Application With every exclusive features available at One-Stop to the audiences.

A live streaming News & Travel and exclusive MLM Marketing App. Imagine, like the other complexity App, executing it also holds risks when it should be achived in a week. Definitely, a well planned strategy is required to get the things flow in a right way.

What we actually did? What is our Day 7 App achievement?

Day 1: Brainstorming and Development Flow

The very first work perhaps to be constituted with any kind of Mobile App project is involving discussion among the team and to frame a clear development flow such that to make the process inflow without disruption.

When you start off Brainstorming with your acquaintance, what are all the Key Points you would probably discuss:

  • Think about the Market Category you are going to work in your Mobile application project. Check, If there is any other similar Mobile Application existing in the play store. 
  • Make a list of features that you are going to execute on the project.
  • Gather the resource you need for the accomplishment.
  • Obviously, we know what the client requirement and must be clear on the ideas or Industry that your app fall into.
  • Define a flow of your Android Mobile Application – Features of the Mobile Application that you want to incorporate.
  • Confirm the elements that you will work on each screen of the Mobile Application.

Whatever the ideas that you have formed, you get a hard and soft copy of the list of elements that you need to work on it. 

To make our MLM and News & Travel App, we followed all these procedures which is the first step to the success story of the Application development in seven days.

Day 2: Build the App base

When you are clear about the what you are going to do with the App, the next thing that you will do with your app is that you form a base for the development. At this stage, you will frame the home screen for it.

Always double check in the Google for the code you are going to execute and the list of open source on online. By now, your base project should be ready. Once you’ve defined your home screen, you can start moving according to the flow defined on Day1.

By the end of Day 2, the base of the Android application was ready, and we were ready to get some serious hacking done. However, you need to remember that even though you’re in a hurry to complete the application as soon as possible, always write code so you can actually scale it without much of a problem.

Day 3-5: Design and Development

You might have done initially something to make a clear idea to make you app turning into its working. Now, you will put all your coding knowledge and get the app to the working. From Day 3 to the Day 5 what we really did was to implement coding to the Mobile Application project. By the end of the Day 5, our 80% of the process was accomplished with every essential element required to be done in the app. Though it is a nightmare to make the coding executed in a short span time, but with a little more effort and focus, day and night work, toiling the time, we were able to accomplish it. 

Day 6: Testing

Now it is actually where you will start testing your app on your phone. Time to figure out the changes all that you can make with your app. This is the time to resolve any discrepancies and errors.  

Day 7: Launch the App

Once after the job done the final destination to arrive is launching it to the play store.  We have finally launched the App by the end of the seventh day.  

Do you want to create a similar app or a mobile app of any requirements in a right time with right outcome?

Our team of experts and professionals will accomplish a powerful & high-performing  Mobile Application representing your business application flow. 

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