How to come up with profitable mobile app development ideas for your business

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How to come up with profitable mobile app development ideas for your business

Although generating new app ideas is a tedious task regardless if you plan well before itself and have crystal clear-cut goals towards “why your business needs mobile app” to succeed in the mobile app development. While creating your mobile app you must carefully look at your interests and properly do feasibility analysis of what you can really do to transform your interests in reality. Besides, you must look at the missing opportunities in the market such that you can develop your mobile app uniquely different from the others’ app.      

So the best way to come up with the new mobile app ideas is to find a specific problem and build a mobile app to resolve those problems. While trying to find and sort out the issues you must be brainstorming the solution based on the problems faced by people with similar types of apps. If you find three or more apps similar to your ideas think of a different approach that solves the same problem but in a more effective and cheaper manner.

Let’s glance at some of the ways to generate mobile app development ideas. You gain insights on the generation of new ideas that you would easily approach to the mobile app development company for getting your mobile app developed.

Search for similar App in the Appstore

Check for similar apps in the AppStore from the top categories and what problems do they are solving in that app. To refine the app search you must think of the keyword that is relevant to your ideas and interests to develop your mobile app. Consider some of the examples that you can use it for searching for fitness, diet, traveling, etc. While searching for similar keywords you get the relevant apps. Analyze what are all the problems with such apps and what kind of solutions they present for it. Make a feasibility study on how you can set up different approaches to solve the problem and provide different solutions via your mobile app.

Understanding your customers

Business credibility relies totally on customer satisfaction and your attempts should be to make your the customer feel trustworthy about the businesses and services they do offer. Your prospects are the one that drives you forever. The mobile app does this job of engaging the customer’s trust exactly. Even after launching a mobile app anytime leverage it by learning your prospects' behavior patterns and analyzing how they interact with your products and services. Your customer responses are the key factor to identify their pain points, trigger points, points where they engage more with the mobile app. Scrutinizing the customer behavior data, you make your app accordingly. There are multiple features and functionalities helping you deploy the mobile app to the expectations and gratification of your end-consumers. 

Research outside the App Store

To better understand app ideas optimally you must involve researching outside the App Store.  Several ways you can study outside the App Store. 

Attending Meetups

Attending startup meetup provides you the opportunity to mingle with like-minded people. By doing so you gather some ideas as you hear other people’s ideas. It helps you to come up with your best ideas. At least by hearing through the other ideas you will get motivated by them and may explore some interesting ideas.

Market Identification

Identifying the demanding market will help you to finalize the mobile app ideas in line with the industry vertical. The market genre that you target plays a pivotal role in determining the opportunities for your business and earn customers for your business.

Look for Marketing strategies

Marketing is multiple ranges of activities helping you to achieve the goals of reaching a wide range of audiences. Based on the trends in the industry, add features and functionalities to your mobile app can be marketed to reach the end-users your marketing strategies binding within your mobile app lets you identify points of improvement for your business.

Identify trends of your industry

The business strategy has the tendency to change or evolve around as per the changing trends in the industry. To stay ahead of the varying business trends of your industry, the key action is to perform ideas whilst satisfying the current needs of the customer. You can acquaint your knowledge with the latest trends ongoing in the industry by reading the industry-specific blogs, press releases, from various analytics tools. These ways you can refine your app idea and gain insights into the latest trends in the industry. The business will need to adapt to the changing trends of the industry and rework the mobile app ideas whenever needed. Understanding the markeing trends better helps you decide better.

Based on competitor analysis

Competitor analysis is the foremost forecast to frame your mobile app ideas. While examining the competitors you will identify who your competitors are. Obviously your competitors would be the businesses that have created a significant image and contributed to the market values. Do out a complete analysis of their mobile apps and look upon any features or functionalities missing out. Even if everything is fine you must come up with a different approach to present the users in a better way. That means not to blindly reflect their idea in your mobile app. You have to generate one by keeping all the above points in mind.


If you are planning to develop a mobile app for your business then reading through the post you would easily understand “how to gather up new ideas for developing your mobile app”  If you have come up at least with some ideas to develop your mobile app then reach us and share your ideas with our experts. We add our own functionalities and features to the mobile app blending your own ideas such that to create a mobile app upholding your business goals.

IoT Trends to look out for the upcoming 2020 and ahead

The tremendous growth of IoT

In the present scenario, we perceive this IoT technology as a significant part of reporting and tracking. Although IoT technology trends are still at the growing stage nevertheless we can easily assume that it will expand to the fullest. IoT is basically the technology that usually collects more information about users and devices interconnected over a common network. It is an estimated figure that by 2020 end there will be around 31 billion IoT enabled devices that will come to existence. When compared to other technologies, IoT has got more capability and opportunities to interact with the devices. In the coming years, IoT technology provides thoughtful insights and when implemented IoT solves real-time issues and helpful in doing some actions.

Merging Big Data and IoT

With the evolution of digital transformation, Big data and IoT are the topmost agendas for business to improve its horizon. These technologies have become essential for businesses. Although each of these technologies has evolved separately over time it seems to be highly efficient for the business when they are intertwined. Another biggest IoT trend expecting to hit in 2020 is the collaboration of Big Data and IoT. Their combination opens door to the inception of next-generation applications. Around billions of consumers and IoT enabled devices would be interconnected, to manage the exponentially growing data the businesses embrace for the unified benefits of IoT and Big Data. The logic is to leverage processable information data for getting insights to make better business decisions.

Combining IoT and AI Technologies

Another IoT trend that is poised to be most successful in the upcoming year 2020 is its integration with AI. Today’s changing business trends is adapting to the evolving technologies of IoT. This technology is focused to capture a tremendous amount of data from the surroundings. To sort out the complexity of collecting, processing and analyzing data across multiple IoT device, AI technology becomes the way to sort out the data and makes the device to learn from the data and experience. Considering the core subject of IoT, it is all about sensors being mounted to the device for sensing the information between the various device over the interconnected network. For analyzing the data captured from IoT devices  AI comes into action in providing disruptive solutions.

IoT Security takes the leap

Undoubtedly, 2020 is the year for IoT innovations and the technology definitely will reach the optimum value. As IoT begins to grow, its security is to be considered the most significant. So obviously IoT security takes precedence owing to the expanding number of IoT connected devices. As a result, the risk of security becomes a priority for businesses. Machine-machine authentication and biometric logins are some of the ways to secure interconnected IoT devices.

Smart Homes

In recent years we have seen the growth of smart home technology with the surge of IoT apps.  Smart home collaboration with the IoT technology makes smart homes to be more interactive. IoT embraces the smart homes that we don’t have the need to direct the device. The device itself will remind the people of the house “what they should do” routinely. Another trend that is surely going to hit in the upcoming years is the integration of IoT and smart homes.

IoT in Healthcare

Undeniably, amongst the several industries healthcare industry is the one that is set for a remarkable boom in 2020 and near coming up years. Each and every device used in the healthcare sector is configured to connect with the IoT system. The devices such as sensors, health monitors, portable devices and medical equipment are linked into a single network of IoT. As a result, these sectors will face steady but stable development.

Personalized retail shop experience

The evolution of beacon technology and sensor application has made retail supply chain management more convenient and that its efficiency would be increased. The online shopping experience can become more personalized and people can execute it more accurately. This is going to be another IoT trend that is said to skyrocket in the near coming years. Imagine that you receive a notification for your favorite items from your favorite shop, which can be achieved by setting out an indoor map of your favorite shop leading you to the product that you desire. This kind of personalized service may tend a large number of customers to your retail shop online.

IoT Data processed with edge computing

The cost-effectiveness and efficiency while processing data make IoT successive. Processing such a lot of data with IoT turns out to be a complex one, this is where the action of edge computing technology comes to play a vital role. Edge computing is said to provide better solutions than cloud platforms in terms of speed and cost. Data processing with edge computing endures the IoT operations to a better solution.

With so many trends of IoT that may take birth in the near coming years and the above mention trends, many take the leap in the business world by the 2020 end, let’s discuss more on the scope for IoT ahead.

The scope for IoT is immense and that businesses can be most benefited by the IoT technology. It can be a big asset for the businesses as in IoT all the devices are interconnected and it’s easy for you to control and manage all operations from anywhere. IoT captures multiple data from more places and that its efficiency can be increased. IoT can be a driving force for your business to improve its performance efficiency and deliver better results.

Industry verticals that can be benefited by merging IoT facet

IoT can help businesses to make better decisions and automate their business operations. It helps to control and manage the entire process & can bring sustainable results for the business. Some of the business verticals that would be benefited from the integration of IoT technology are utilities, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and more.


It is undeniably that IoT can reap immense benefits to the businesses and has got the potential to change the way of providing service to its consumers. IoT is now a transformational force for empowering businesses than ever. For bettering your business operations adopting IoT powered app seems to be one of the best facets for satisfying your business particular need. So if you are really looking for the topmost and trustworthy iOS or Android app development company, we have a team of professionals who are highly experienced and have accomplished several projects in the mobile app development with diverse industry verticals. Our top-notch mobile app developers understand your business needs and employ cutting edge technologies to help you with the best solution.

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