How to create high-performance Mobile App for your business enhancements

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How to create high-performance Mobile App for your business enhancements

It’s undeniable fact that everyone has access to their Smartphones and its utility is seamless in this fast-moving technology revolution. Most of our day-to-day tasks rely on our smartphone. To accomplish almost all of the prominent tasks like money transactions, billing payments, online classes, shopping, and so on, there is higher dependency among people on this smartphone. Mobile users are constantly maximizing and also the time spent on Mobile is also elevating.

Providing a relentless experience on mobile is eventually important than ever, and it gives a competitive advantage to businesses that get it right. Although Mobile App facilitates more benefits in the upliftment of business values and brand publicizing, there are few myths about Mobile App development. You may be discouraged by the factors that Mobile App is expensive and developing the App takes months of work and complexity associated with developing a Mobile App.

If that is your ideology, this is the simple guide for you. This post gives you the Simple sequence steps to develop your Mobile App effortlessly and cost-effectively.

Step 1:  Define Your Goal

Before you begin to figure out on how to create a mobile app, you need to define the reasons why you want to create Mobile App and forecast what you want to acquire from this channel of marketing.

Easy way to sort out this is to just get on with the paperwork. Take your pen and paper and define what you want to achieve from your Mobile App. Ask yourself the following question and sort out it with an eventual answer.

What do you expect your App to do eventually?

How you are going to announce your brand to users?

How your app may simplify the life of people?

What problem is it going to solve?

What ways you will announce the public about your App launch?

What are your marketing strategies to publicize your App?

If there is no clarity and genuine answers for the above question, it may question your survival of business on this tremendous marketing channel. Without a clear vision, it is difficult for you and the persons involved in developing your project to drive the required results and may become ambiguous during the development phase. For an optimized outcome, make a clear picture of what you want from your Mobile App.

Step 2: Sketch Your Ideas.

At this stage, you should be clear on why you want to create a Mobile App. The clearly formed worded ideas in the first step are transformed into visual representations. Sketch out all the ideas accumulated from the first phase in a diagrammatic representation. If you are going to generate ads to earn money from your app or offer it in paid downloads, or in-app purchases then make sure you also sketch out those ideas along with the original sketch.

Step 3:  Research and Research

Once you have sketched your App ideas you must cross-check with the competitor’s app whether your idea might work efficiently. It is a very crucial step where the feasibility of your app idea is studied and determined. In this way, you can save your money because if the ideas go failed then it’s totally of a waste. You can’t carry on an idea that won’t work and invest your precious time. Figure out any glitches in beforehand to avoid any backtracking.

Get back to the sketch phase and do the changes as per the derived feasibility. According to the finalized sketch, you can narrow your design ideas. While sketching & designing remember to include the features that forecast your sales and marketing goals.

Step 4:  Create Your Wireframes & Use Cases

Here is where you give your sketches and design idea a little more clarity and functionality which becomes the base of your app. The derived sketch should be wireframed to make a reliable mobile app. Wireframing is a visual representation of your app that acts as a roadmap to your app development. It is the intermediate phase where the app’s layouts and the flow between the screens are defined. It bridges the gap between your raw thoughts and the final product before moving onto the technical phases. There are plenty of websites that you can use to give digital life to your sketches by adding functionalities, layouts, and icons.

This stage allows you to:

Understand your thought process.

Finalize the number and order of screens to meet the goals.

Create multiple screen flows and pick the best one out.

Save much of your time & energy needed for developing a complete app.

Step 5: Start Defining the Back End of Your App

Having formulated wireframes, at this point you must have attained the clarity on how to proceed the project till the final deployment. By the end of this stage, the back end of your app should be clearly determined. Regardless of what method you forecast in defining the backend, you get the support from the servers and API. So, define the platforms on which you are going to develop the back end of your Mobile App. Any changes to be done on your wireframes can be reflected back and changes if any should be finalized.

Step 6: Design the Look

The next step is to employ your talented and creative designers in designing your App exactly by taking the inputs from the wireframe and layout stages. While designing your Application, keep up the navigation part easier such that user would be able to navigate between the screens and explore the connectivity between one screen and the other. At this stage, employ your graphic designer for achieving visually appealing screens for your preferences and ideas. By the end of this stage, the complete designing part of your Mobile App should be accomplished.

Step 7: Get to Build Your App

If the base of your App is clearly defined, then building your App would go smoothly and end successfully. Firstly, it is the task of a developer to set the servers, API, and databases of the App. This is where you have to create an account with the Google Play store and App store and submit your App for Approval. If required, modify the App functionalities according to the wireframes and ensure the development is in flow with the wireframe and layouts.

Step 8: The Actual Development

Once the designing phase of the Mobile App is successfully accomplished, here comes the integral part-- the actual coding. Start off your coding by employing the mobile app building platforms that you are well-versed with. This is the stage you rightly start your ongoing work with developers and designers. You will combine all the ideas derived from the wireframes and designs which can be used as the inputs for developing App by ensuring all the features being integrated.  

Step 9: Test Your Mobile App

Once the development is done, the app gets ready for actual testing. This stage will ensure the faultless development of your Mobile App free from the bugs. On the other hand, the intuitiveness of the Mobile App is highly achieved even after the App is launched. With Customized Mobile App the testing process goes up to ten times checking.

Basically, two types of testing are incorporated for testing any kind of App; internal and external testing. Internal testing is carried out by the testing team itself whereas the external testing is the feedback you get from the user who doesn’t know much of the technical parts. Various testing tools can be used for testing the App that is readily available on the internet.

Step 10: Mobile App Launch

Once the Mobile App testing is completed. It is completely ready for the launch in the App store. Submit your App in the App store and put it live. Thereafter, the App will be universally available and the users can download and install the App and use it effectively to complete the desired actions they want to perform on the App.


These comprehensive step-by-step guide will let your ideas turned into beautiful Mobile App. Now, you might have attained the clarity of what you want your App to do once it gets launched in the App store or play store. Our expert combines their proficiency and adeptness in transforming your Mobile App ideas and business goals into reality.











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