How to Creating the Android and Ios Mobile Application using Native Script & Angular Js

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How to Creating the Android and Ios Mobile Application using Native Script & Angular Js

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Recently, our agile team of developers has successfully explored a Mobile App using a cross-platform Native Script and Angular Js. Implied Native Script & Angular Js as both of the platforms support many advantages over development and accomplishing the client's specific requirements in a stipulated time.

What is Native Script & Angular JS:

A native script is the open source platform for the development of the mobile app on iOS and Android that runs natively on both platforms. It is easy and speedy to run as compared to web and cross-platform applications. It actually reduces the time and code required for the Mobile Application Development.

AngularJs is open-source Front-End Javascript framework. The purpose of Angular Js is expanding the browser-based application with MVC. It provides single page loading which is to reduce the overloading of the page and refreshing only its contents.

Reason to use Native Script for Mobile Application Development

Native Script is a holistic approach to the successful development of the destined Mobile Application falling into the specific target and specific platform. It takes advantage of “ Write once and implement wherever you want it” Native script works better than the hybrid & HTML 5 based apps. As the Native script is a close to the device processors that it performs better on the specific target and furthermore better than the hybrid platform. It actually helps the developer to implement the specific features & targets conveniently. In terms of cost measures, Native script app is more economical and hassle-free as it integrates easily with the Mobile device for whichever specific platform required by the client style and preference.

Perks of Native Script:

Cross-Platform is the Strength: Native Script is a cross-platform framework that the developers can code it once and natively run on iOS & Android. NativeScript lets developers code with familiar JavaScript, TypeScript, markup, and CSS APIs, and it interprets the code into native user interfaces on both iOS and Android.

Fast Access: Native Script provides a fast access to the Native libraries which is why it is convenient for the developers to create App using Native Apps.

Open Source development ecosystem

You can shape the present and future framework. You can build, modify and update changes, giving feedback for the feature improvements. It is the way for learning and simultaneously providing feedback for escalating the open source platform.

Advantages of AngularJs Mobile App Development

Angular JS supports MVVM Architecture: 

It does not support MVC in an original way, but much a closer architecture MVVM( Model- view-view-model)

Easy Testing;

It is easy to execute its elements and components and test without any struggle.

Quick App Development:

It provides the way to the quick Application Development.

Single Page Application:

Responsiveness is the overlooked criteria which is to be achieved to attract the large users. Angular JS provides more responsiveness in a way it provides single page loading where the contents is refreshed instead of loading in multiple pages. 

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