How to get a Customer-centric Mobile App developed for your business

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How to get a Customer-centric Mobile App developed for your business

Ever since the inception of the Mobile technology it has been a great opportunity for the customers to explore more dimensions that fall under Mobile technology such as smartphone and Mobile Application development Industry. So, we can say the Mobile technology as a whole benefit a user by providing solutions for the entire aspects of life and performing their crucial activities. As smartphone is the key player of the technology trends, we couldn’t imagine a day without any application ie. We have an app for everything. Having smartphone users grown enormously, Mobile Apps have become an integral part of the business in today’s world. Even the businesses that don’t have their own Mobile App somehow have the dependency on the Smart Mobility. As this peak utility of smart mobility is evolving, powering new sort of devices such as wearables which can be tied on the human body. It is no doubt that, the revolution of Mobile App is empowering and attaining its summit points and moreover several kinds of smart devices are being introduced. So, business flocks should get on their dimension dynamically with this Mobile technology and earn more ROI. 

As we are in the voyage of Mobility-driven world where all our requirements from personal to professional is completely satisfied by a dedicated Mobile App. Mobile technology has proved its value in everything across all streams and Industries. With that, every business must know to build successful user-centric Mobile App to grab in potential customers. 

Take a glance with present and future of Mobile Technology

The mobile technology statistics depict that by 2020 the gross annual revenue of the Mobile App market will cross 189 billion. Another kind of statistics reveals that about 149 billion apps have been downloaded till now and expected to grow up to 352 billion apps downloaded by 2021. Taking into account only these statistics and merely developing a Mobile App for your business will not do much good work. In the Retail Mobile App scenario, almost half of the percentage of Mobile users are not satisfied with the app experience which is the statistical report given by Adobe. Furthermore, the report from Andrewchen.co embraces the above point by highlighting more number of users today are turning down the App. Usually, these Mobile Apps loses its 77% of its users within 3 days and 90% within 30 days.

But at the same time, it isn’t possible to create a Mobile App that meets the expectation of the user in every aspect. This post brief you some key points required to make a Mobile Application for any market.

Know your audience while making user-centric Mobile App

Whether you hire your Mobile App developers from Mobile App development company or in-house Mobile App developers, it is better to proceed further your development process by doing solid research of finding everything about the target audience, behavior, and their current interest & need. So, you must have a solid foundation of why you need to establish your business further with Mobile App and what benefits you will get from it. When you are able to justify these question, your entire process involved in Mobile App development proceeds without any clashes.

Keep UI of your Mobile App attractive yet simple

Only creating attractive and creative UI could be able to grab the attention of the user is a mythical fact. Stressing on the creativity element, we do often complicate the design of the Mobile App. Actually, users do not want to go through a complicated UI to attain their objective. They are fascinated by a simple design that eases them to get through the full insight of the App. In case of shopping Mobile App, simple design can embrace your customer to complete action right from placing an order to payment without breaking the booking action.

Compatibility with multiple device and OS

The mobile market comprises of multi brands smartphones and multiple operating systems. Some of the devices are compatible with the only certain operating system. In order to cover a large group of audience, businesses should be keen on creating compatible App which works well across the diverse operating system (Android, iOS) and smartphones.

Keep tabs on Internet bandwidth

The internet bandwidth seems to be one of the driving force for the fast performance & fast loading of the Mobile App. Even if the bandwidth is low, the Mobile App should load faster as same as that of when mobile data bandwidth is high. So, it’s significant to handle the profound connectivity tests related to loading and performance issue. 

Rapidly Launch Mobile App and then update based on user feedback 

The best approach to create a user-centric Mobile App is to initially craft the necessary core features and develop the basic layouts of Mobile App. Then, launch it in the play store. Once launched means the next update of the Mobile App can be easily done based on the App review by users. Based on the review and the current trend or behavior of the audience, you can update the app with the on-going trends of Mobile technology and latest features. Hence, the developed app will be a user-centric Mobile App.

Analyze your competitors Mobile App 

Analyzing your competitors Mobile App means you can meet up with the best solution. The user flow data gathered from the competitors can give a clear image of what are all the features fascinated user and which was the cause for abandonment of the app, which is the phenomenal element of the app that captured huge audiences. This strategical analysis will help you create the perfect & flawless user-centric mobile app as you know the exact interest of the audience.


We are recognizing drastic changes in the Mobile App Market and new trends for different smart devices are evolving every passing day, the one who develops mobile app keeping users in mind can win the entire Mobility Market. We at Ninos IT Solution can help you build a customer-centric mobile application. If you have an awesome Mobile App idea or clarifications any, you can contact us via Mobile or E-Mail or Enquiry form.

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