How a Profession Android Application Development Company creates a Android Mobile Application

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How a Profession Android Application Development Company creates a Android Mobile Application

About 200,000 Android Mobile device is purchased by the people on an average predominantly Google Android platform is already shared more than 33% of its share in the mobile market. In next two years, it will reach to half of the mobile market share. Android mobile device and its mobile application. With the millions of Application being stored in the Google play store, Android has gained its popularity and which is why it is accessed and utilized by the business people to get their service or product reach to the billions of users. Apparently, the android mobile application is positive revenue generating and proliferating market share, publishing your business Application will be an incredible work to generate more customers and business revenue.

So, with such inclination in the Android mobile application, there is an incredible opportunity for the developers to bring out new innovations in the design and development of the Mobile Application. 

As a leading Mobile Application Provider in the Industry, What we can help customers with their Mobile App Development?

APP Strategy: At this stage, an app strategy will be framed which is the sitemap for the complete mobile application construction.

APP Designing: Here, streamline evaluation & analysis of the mobile app is done to make a very good, eye-catching, user-engaging UX and UI for the best accomplishment of the App design.

MVP App Development: Mobile viable product App development always makes the process of development simple and supports the less expensive app designing.

API App Development: We are experienced in developing high functional API that supports all kind of business genres on a one-single platform.

APP Deployment: Once the Application is constructed, it is deployed into the Google Application store.

Maintenance & Updates: If an update is applicable to the existing app, then the same is done and also customized support is rendered to our customers 

How actually it works?

Requirement Gathering: 

The very first step we incorporate in the development process is the requirement gathering. In this stage, the exact idea of the client's ambitious project is gathered and taken for designing an outline layout defining clearly how the complete mobile application development process handles, simply understanding what are the clear inputs, ways of executing and generating the outcome. 

Define prospectus elements: 

After you analyze and define the inputs and how the app finally appear to the eyes of the user, you will define the various other prospectus elements that are quintessential for the final achievement of a fully-developed mobile application. Define what platform and backend applications you are going to work on the mobile application project.

Define the UI & UX: 

The design elements of what the user is going to experience or else the final view of the completed app. UI and UX elements of the Mobile Application is completely defined and created at this stage. Following the numerous designing platforms available in the market, a professional designer will create the intuitive designs. Such that the audience gets motivated and tempted to download the app and stays in their device for a longer time.


Once after the definition of the platform, API and complete backend is set, then the developers will start developing the Mobile Application. At the end of the process, a testing scenario is carried with the perception to check and eliminate bugs for the efficient working of it once after its deployment and live in the app store.


Finally, owing to the completion of the full designing and development of the application, it is launched in the Application store for the user's benefits. 

Maintenance and Updates: 

As we all know mobile technology is always the booming phase, the mobile application needs timely updates & maintenance following the innovation and revolutions in the fast-moving mobile. At present, many high versions of the mobile device like the smartphone, iPhone is evolving changes yearly, that year on year a new higher version of the same is available in the markets. With such products, a developer will do updates to the existing or new mobile application.

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