Post launch Mobile Application Strategy to amplify downloading rates

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Post launch Mobile Application Strategy to amplify downloading rates

On Average, about 90% of the time is being spent by the people in smartphones. Yet, it is fact that from the millions of mobile application of different category, only 36 Apps is marginally stored on every individual mobile phone. For continuous engaging with customers, you need to follow well structured branding methods to tackle the situation and overcome the challenges. This will make your mobile app stand out from the crowded play store. With effective strategies, you will discover more downloads and installation rate towards your mobile application. After the initial launch of Mobile Application to keep your customers within your service, keeping up a mobile marketing strategy help you build the reputation and get through your business and grow effectively. Improving and boosting your mobile application download rates, you can consider these proven strategies that really works well to leverage through downloads and boost conversion rate. 

Engaging Social Media Presence:

 With the Internet and online being used by the adequate number of people, it is an effective way to engage your business with engaging social media posts, videos and images created and shared through social channels. Creating an effective social media strategy such that you can empower your social presence and improve customer retention which will ensure more customers are engaged in your business. 

Encourage User Reviews:

 Encourage user-generated content ( UGC) to build credibility and trustworthiness of your business. If your mobile application can earn the user attention then it may cultivate & anticipate them to make a valuable review which will, in turn, make other customers to try your product and propagate the mere visitors into loyal and trusted flocks to your mobile application. A potential feedback from the customer is a powerful way of branding strategy help taking your business to the next level. A user would rely on reviews & rating option such that conversion rate can take more leads. 

Give your App free at launch:

When your Mobile Application is launched in the App store, make sure it is accessible of free all its features. This will bring curiosity among customers and they might feel to try downloading your mobile app and take a turn to use its features. Encouraging call to action and incentives will build curiosity to try your app. It is a way for both the customer and business owner to earn through mobile apps. Providing incentives through referral program keeping the mobile app free can increase the downloads steadily and a chance to gain popularity, credibility and trustworthy for your brand. 

Giving Instant Customer Support:

Responding the customer queries on spot will help gain their trust for your business. The reviews and ratings ultimately encourage making updates to your app for its betterment and making sure how much you take efforts to give a flawless and unwavering product. This will create a good impact about your business among the popularity and make your small organization to a brand and reputed business. 

Promote with Search Ads:

A study shows that the moment people searching for a particular thing, it is the search ad visible to them at first. Google also saw 50% of Mobile app downloads drifted by the search advertisement. Individually, it creates exposure and download to the mobile app and increases the business credibility. To get started on with search ads, you create and manage a discoverable mobile app install campaign with effective search advertisements. About 43% of conversions or downloads happen from video ads, 47% from banner ads inside the app, 45% from website banner ads, 49% from social ads. Ample of Search ad tools and conversion tracking tools are available to keep the track of user flow analytics and improve search ads effectively to attract visitors and customers.

Wrap up:

After placing your mobile app in the play store, following up these post-launch marketing strategies helps to keep up the reinforcing customer base and thus ultimate download rates kick start off and steadily bring ROI, conversions and brand popularity to your business. 

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