Ways to create your first Mobile Application on iOS or Android platforms

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Ways to create your first Mobile Application on iOS or Android platforms

Having an idea to make a powerful and best mobile application but need a help to bring out your imagination or idea real on your smartphone screens.

We have explained in 12-step guidelines in two parts. This article is part 1 of a 2 - Part series. Kindly ensure to also read Part 2.

Gothrough both the parts to make a best mobile application easily on different platforms. Part 1 accomplish your mobile application in a systemetic manner from step 1 through step 6. 

Step 1 : Set out the purpose of your Mobile App

Firstly, you will have to ensure “the real need of developing your Mobile Application” Why design and develop your Mobile Application. What benefit your users will get from your Mobile and vice versa. What is your vision and mission to create your Mobile Application. What is it going to do? What is its goal? Most importantly how easy your user life is going to be. The pre-analysis will also make your Application development fast and easier. 

Step 2 : Create outline for your Mobile App

After setting out your purpose to develop your mobile application, you must sketch out the ways that the mobile app appears in the future. Laying out the foundation for your future interface. In this stage, you will visualize the approximate layouts and structure of your mobile application. Making a first rough sketch of your apps helps everyone to understand the goals of which you are developing your mobile application and which is going to be the blueprint for your fully-developed app in the future.

Step 3: Conduct Research

It is the time to do research for your Mobile Application Development. 

  • Do research for the similar apps already existing in the App Store.
  • Find the design inspiration for the App.
  • Research the necessary technical or development requirements of your app.
  • Find out the ways to monetize your app and market it.

While you may think of having the fantastic ideas, but there are chances for your hopes to get crushed soon as you might come across similar apps to your ideas stored in the app store. As of March 2017, there are of 2.8 million in Android and 2.2 million for iOS. But, the mobile application can be developed easily. Focus on your own key features for your project and for your user acquisition. Learn from the mistakes of your competitors and drop all the negative thoughts.

Dribble is the best designing platform you can showcase the work and get feedback  & inspiration from other fellow artists. Get a clear picture to your requirements and come into conclusion whether the project is truly feasible from the technical standpoint. If possible you can make your mobile app developed by the experienced and reputed mobile application development company. 

The final important niche you must clearly look out for the ways of marketing and monetize your app. You can find various ways to find the ways for boosting the mobile application but you have to arrive at the best strategies that suit your niche and purpose of the Mobile Application. Finally, the best way to reach your target users and gain the loyalty of the customers leading to more user retention rather than one-time download abandonment.

Step 4: Create a Wireframe and storyboard for your Mobile Application  

At this stage, ideas and feature comply into the clearer picture. A Wireframe is a process of framing your prototype model that reflects the fully developed app after the full development accomplishment. To create prototyping model you have many online tools that will pertain to make a prototype by simply dragging and dropping at the placeholders and representative graphics into a place, but also add button functionality so that you click through buttons and switching between screens and navigating between screens.

Step 5: Create the Backend of your Mobile App

Keep wireframe and storyboard as the foundation for your backend structure. Here, you will define the servers, API, and data diagrams required for the backend support and development of your Mobile Application. So, defining these things will help your process run without disruption, even if you are accompanied by more developers during any stage of the project development. The goal of the project can be completely known.

Step 6: Test your Mobile App Prototype

Get back to your wireframe and storyboard and analyze whether you have done rightly. Discuss with your friends, family, colleagues, experts to help you in reviewing your wireframe and backend supports that you have framed approximately. Get their feedback and identify flaws. Take advice from experts and eliminate inevitable errors if any

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