Ways to create your first Mobile Application on iOS or Android platforms: Part 2

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Ways to create your first Mobile Application on iOS or Android platforms: Part 2

We have already listed 1 through 6 ways in making your first mobile application on a variety of platforms either iOS or Android. Though developing the Mobile application is quite challenging, but can be done by taking the help of the best and leading Mobile Application Development company.
This part explains from step 7 through step 12. If you have already read the Part 1, you might have come across these steps: sketched it out on paper, and created a testable wireframe prototype.

Step 7:  Design the App:

Designers will sketch the layout for the Mobile App. Your designer’s job is to come up with high-resolution versions of what done in wireframes. In this step, it is crucial to include all comments from your prototype testers (see Step 6). Actually, you are building your mobile app your target audience who are going to use the app, therefore their feedback should guide you the perfect UI-User Interface.

Step 8:  Development of your Mobile App:

Now, your app has been clearly defined, it's now you get your App completely developed. Here you will signup for the developer accounts at the app marketplace you are developing for. Getting the account approved may take several days and shouldn't be put to the last minute. After which, you will go to the fully developed mobile application.

Step 9: Test your Mobile App again:

Once after the development of Mobile App, like in step 6 where prototype model is tested by the experts, again your app should be tested. At this stage, everything with design and development is meticulously tested. There are two testing apps that are imperatively used: Notable prototypes and Framer. These two app allows to import your app and add links wherever it has to be tested. In step 6 it is completely different whereas at this stage, you will have the fully developed mobile app which must be totally tested. 

Step 10: Revise and continue to build:

At this stage, you can revise the mobile application and collect more feedback from users, use new ideas to find new ideas to your app. Design and backend developments changes need to be done, you can have it executed or done it rightly.

Step 11: Refine Each Detail:

At this stage, again you will do a testing. For instance, on Android platform, it is easy to install your app on devices and test its functionality in a live environment. For, iOS you will need a Platform like TestFlight to download and test your app in the live environment. This is the last stage of the development process.

Step 12: Release your App:

Once the full development is done, the next stage is the release of your App. You can easily launch App in the App store. As application store is also an application you will have to do the updates on your existing application complying with the latest technology revolutions and arising of higher versions of the device. 

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