Ninos IT solution is a leading Security Testing company in Chennai delivers effective Security Testing solution to our benevolent clients. We are an Unique Security Testing Company in Chennai,Software Development Services Company in Chennai.We specialize in test automation of web Application, mobile and desktop applications.We are excellent in providing comprehensive Security Testing outsourcing such as QA testing, Automation testing services and more to ensure the quality, stability, reliability and long-term sustainable with your customised products & services. We have a team of highly qualified young professionals who believe in pushing the limits while exploring, innovating and creating.


There are about different Security Testing methods and frameworks to properly execute the testing process thereby ensuring that a bug-free software product is delivered to our clients. Security Testing is the process of finding the bugs in the scripts and coding by which the product is developed. The Testing process is executed at all the essential phase of the software development process such that a high-quality product is being achieved, created or developed.

By achieving stability and reliability in every product developed by our elite experts we make our customer feel happy and love the final results. This will again set a trademark to our clients' business for a long term. In addition, high-quality website or mobile application would attract more audience and helps to flourish your business brand awareness digitally and online.

All these things are achieved by Ninos IT Solution team of experts to make your company's Website or Mobile Apps par above the excellence with all necessary information being added. Moreover, you will stand forth among your competitors.

We have in-house Security Testing experts and professional to find and fix the bugs or errors using hands-on automation tools. We are credited by the clients for the quality and cost-effective solution.

How to Do Security Testing


In requirements-based testing, test cases are designed based on test objectives and test conditions that are derived from requirements

Design Tests

In a design test, the candidate is given a challenge and a time limit to come up with a design solution.

Coding and Unit Testing

Unit testing is a software development process in which the smallest testable parts of an application, called units, are individually and independently scrutinized for proper operation.

Integration Testing

ntegration testing is the second level of the software testing process comes after unit testing. In this testing, units or individual components of the software are tested in a group

System Testing

Each component of the automobile, such as the seats, steering, mirror, brake, cable, engine, car structure, and wheels, is made independently.

Penetration Testing

an authorized simulated attack performed on a computer system to evaluate its security

Which Test Cases to Automate?

Test cases to be automated can be selected using the following criterion to increase the automation ROI

  • » High Risk – Business Critical test cases
  • » est cases that are repeatedly executed
  • » Test Cases which are time-consuming
  • » est Cases that are very tedious or difficult to perform manually

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