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Cloud migration is the process of moving data, applications or other business elements to a cloud computing environment. There are various types of cloud migrations an enterprise can perform. One common model is to transfer data and applications from a local on-premises data center to the public cloud.

The important factors which motivate people to move can be classified into five categories. They are economic factors, demographic factors, socio-cultural factors, political factors and miscellaneous factors.

Azure Migrate provides a simplified migration, modernization, and optimization service for Azure. All pre-migration steps such as discovery, assessments, and right-sizing of on-premises resources are included for infrastructure, data, and applications



This step performs analysis of problems and risks in the cloud application to ensure the customers that the cloud computing is successfully meeting their business goals


A cloud readiness assessment is a process where an organization looks at its resources and IT environment and determines if it is capable of migrating to the cloud.

Planning & Pilot

A project pilot plan is a strategy and trial that project managers create to determine how successful a project might be once it's implemented.

Migration & Testing

Cloud migration testing is the process of leveraging the cloud tools of a third-party cloud services provider so you can simulate and assess the performance of your migrated applications.


A deployment is an instantiation of a set of resources that are defined in a configuration. You provide a valid configuration in the request to create the deployment


Cloud optimization is the process of correctly selecting and assigning the right resources to a workload or application. When workload performance, compliance, and cost are correctly and continually balanced against

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